Spook-ify your Ride this Halloween Season

Spook-ify your Ride this Halloween Season

Posted at Wed, Oct 4, 2023 1:30 PM

6 Ways to Spook-ify your Ride this Halloween Season

Halloween is more than October 31st. 

Sure, trick-or-treating may be the peanut coating on top of the caramel apple. But our Halloween spirit kicks in long before the sun goes down and the kids in costumes come out. It’s the festivities in the weeks leading up to Halloween that give spooky season its name.

We’re talking pumpkin patch visits. Scary movie marathons. Hot apple cider. And of course, decorations.

Read up on how you can take your spooky spirit on the road this year by decorating your car for the Halloween season. Because what’s better than Halloween spirit? Halloween spirit, mobilized.

Monster-fy your Trunk

Monster-fy your Trunk

The steps are simple. Attach teeth (preferably stained with blood or ooze) to the inner top and bottom of your trunk. Add eyes and a nose to the inside trunk door. Voila -- your trunk is no longer a storage space for grocery bags and jumper cables. It’s the gaping mouth of a hungry monster.

Buy teeth, eyes, nose and the works from a premade kit online, or make a Halloween DIY project by enlisting the kids to help you cut out and color your own spooky features.

This decoration is perfect if you’re planning to attend a trunk-or-treat event and want to steal the show. But even if the only thing going in your trunk is groceries, this spooky face will bring Halloween spirit to you and nearby shoppers.

Web Design

Web Design

Arachnaphobes, close your eyes.

To tarantula-fy your ride, buy stretchy spider “web” material (sold by the roll at local Halloween stores and online) to cover your car in webs that’ll make Peter Parker jealous. After cutting off sections of webbing and layering them over the outer body of your car, use an automotive masking tape to hold the webs in place. You can easily peel them off when November rolls around, so no worries about damaging your paint job.

If you’re a DIY purist, look into “spinning” your own webs from materials like gauze or even cotton balls. For more hands on deck, turn it into a family project -- spider-web making is the new pumpkin carving.

Got some webbing left over? Wrap up your house. Or your tree. Or your friend’s tree. Halloween spook is meant to be shared.

Go Out on a Limb

Go Out on a Limb

Looking to turn heads this Halloween? What better way than leaving a witch leg hanging from your closed trunk? 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to donate your own limb to sell the illusion. Just shop around for your Halloween dangling witch leg decoration of choice. The options are surprisingly expansive, so take the time to find the witch leg color, length and material that works best for you. Buying a witch leg is not a decision to take lightly.

Once you’ve found your limb of choice, attach it to the inside of your trunk and close your trunk over it, leaving part of the leg sticking out. So easy. So spine-tingling. Dorothy would be proud.

Magnet it Up

Magnet it Up

In the market for some low-commitment, high-quality Halloween car fun? Look around online or stop by your favorite local Halloween store for hair-raising magnetic decals. 

Easy to slap onto your front bumper, back bumper or wherever you need a little spooky spirit, these decorations are as fun as they are simple.

What says Halloween spirit more than black bats swarming your car? 

Halloween On Top

Halloween on Top, Business on Bottom

Why leave costumes to humans? 

Give your car its own Halloween alter ego by shopping for a set of devil horn or cat-ear decoration ornaments that you can easily stick to the roof of your car. Buy decals that come ready-to-stick with car-safe adhesive to smooth the accessorization process.

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to spot your car in a crowded parking lot faster than the swish of a black cat’s tail. Accessorization. Functionality. It’s a Halloween miracle.

Knicknack Attack

Knicknack Attack

Maybe you don’t want to scream your Halloween spirit from the rooftops. If you’re not a DIY guru or don’t think devil-horn-red would go with your car’s paint job, you can put the spooky in spooky season with small, personal touches on the inside of your ride.

A dangly pumpkin decal hanging over your dash. A skull-shaped essential oil diffuser clipped to your air vent. An air freshener shaped like Jack Skellington grinning at you from the rearview mirror. Coasters with black cat’s faces peering up from your cupholders. Need we go on?

The best part about Halloween decor: it can be as easy or as all-in as you want it to be. It doesn’t matter if other drivers won’t be able to see your air freshener from across a crowded parking lot as long as that air freshener is doing its job of bringing you a little Halloween joy. (And maybe making your car smell like pumpkin spice.)

Smile – You're Hit On My hood

BONUS: Smile – You're Hit On My hood

A Jack-O’-Lantern’s face grinning up from your front bumper? In the world of Halloween car magnets, the sky’s the limit. Or, you know, the online shopping cart is.

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