Up Front® Pricing at Mullinax Ford of Mobile

family who bought their new Ford from Mullinax Ford of Mobile with our up front pricing

At Mullinax Ford of Mobile, a positive customer experience is our main priority. This is why we have created the Up Front Price, which is clearly displayed on every one of our vehicles.

The Up Front Price we offer is based on several factors:

  • We have researched pricing of vehicles in our market, and we are proud to position our pricing even lower.
  • Our Up Front pricing has been proven to be lower than what you expect to pay after spending hours negotiating.
  • This is a positive way for the consumer to purchase a vehicle without frustrating, back-and-forth negotiations with the salesperson.
  • In addition to our low Up Front Price, we never charge a dealer fee.
  • Our volume of inventory allows us to pass on Sam's-Club-type pricing to the consumer.

Let us make your car-buying experience a pleasant one. Come see us, contact us by email, or call us at (888) 241-4640.

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